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Days of sport fishing in the Ligurian Sea:
Gulf of Genoa, Golfo Paradiso, Gulf of Tigullio, the Cinque Terre and the Golfo dei Poeti

Sporting fishing in Liguria

Tricoli Charter organizes fishing trips in Liguria: slow jigging, vertical jigging, inchiku, Tenya, Kabura, fishing line, light drifting, trawler fishing, coastal trolling, spinning, popping, drifting giant tuna.

Our fleet: boats to make you dream!

The Tricoli Charter's entire fleet consists of 11 boats, 9 of which are suitable for sport fishing lovers. Here there are the boats that will allow you to fully enjoy the passion for fishing:


Fishes you can fish in the Ligurian Sea

Cassetta di pesci pescati nel Mar LigureCassetta di pesci pescati nel Mar LigureThe Ligurian Sea is rich in fish: depending on the season, the equipment, the technique used and the ability of the fisherman, you can catch a multitude of fishes: snapper, gilthead bream, amberjack, dolphin fish, bluefin tuna (tuna or tuna sedentary herd, said pitch), marlin, swordfish, big eyes (called besughi, in Genoese), blade fish, pomfret (said Rondanino), bream (or pagari), St. Peter, grouper bottom, redfish bottom (or capon), hake, palatimita.


The fishing techniques admitted in the Ligurian Sea

Slow Jigging
It is part of the Vertical Jigging: the movement made to our barrel will be much slower (slow) and delicate than the prior mother, vertical jigging.
Vertical Jigging
It is a technique which consists in bringing down the very bottom, if the sea bottom is acceptable as bathymetric, equipped with heavy bait a hook or even one kedge final second preferences and date them up to us on the boat.
Technique born in the land of the samurai, the inchiku is a proper fishing system, also called bottom ship: it is a lead of ogival shape with a tip front a a flat or rounded rear. Simple and disarming, it is very effective.
Fishing line
The fishing line is a technique practiced by the boat motor stopped, anchored or free to move by the current, using a fishing rod or a handline.
Light drifting
The term refers to a technique of drifting fishing with natural bait in the boat stops; It provides for the use of light equipment, used for catching fishes, mostly pelagic, of a few pounds or a few kilograms.
Trawler fishing
This technique is also known as "Big game fishing" or "big trolling". It was born born in the great oceans, and here, in the Ligurian Sea it is aimed to catch pelagic predators such as tuna, swordfish, billed spearfish, dolphin fish, albacore.
Coastal trolling
It is a technique practiced near the coast to catch some species that regularly inhabit this stretch of coast or that, in certain seasons, come close to the shore for breeding or finding food; it is also known as the "Small trolling", because of the small size of the most common fishes, surely it represent the first experience of trolling for newborn fisherman.
Spinning is a fishing technique that involves the repeated launch and recovery of lures looking for predators. Spinning is a simple technique that does not require expensive and complicated equipment, or large organization for fishing trips: at least to start it is sufficient to be equipped with a rod with reel on the thread, a handful of artificial, a belt to hold them.
The spinning fishing is a type of fishing aimed at catching fish predators; with delo popping, you choose surface baits (indeed called popper)
Drifting giant tuna
The technique of drifting giant tuna expects great experience; in practice it is essential to have a boat with particular characteristics of deep sea fishing and tiptop equipment. shop and ecommerce
Per le attrezzature di pesca e la sua manutenzione,
Vattelappesca, accessori per la pesca sportiva: Rapallo
Da oltre venti anni VATTELAPPESCA è un importante punto di riferimento a Rapallo, nel golfo del Tigullio, per appassionati di pesca sportiva e pesca agonistica.
Sul sito sono presenti oltre 2500 prodotti per soddisfare qualsiasi esigenza. Lo staff di Vattelappesca è altamente specializzato: offre degli appassionati di pesca sportiva la propria competenza ed esperienza.

  • mt. 5,50
  • maximum 6 passengers
  • equipped with sunbathing area and shower


SELVA 5.50: 6 passengers


ALL DAY: 180.00 €
PACKAGE "5 DAYS": 700.00 €
PACKAGE "10 DAYS": 1,100.00 €
The packages cannot be used in the months of July and August.


Our eight boats "Selva" are equipped with rod holders, echo sounder, and shower head for the rinsing of equipment.


SELVA mt. 5,50
without boat licence:
some tips of sailing

It’s important to be informed about our boat Selva, and the rules and characteristics of the area you are navigating. Let’s us suggest you landing and mooring points, how to sail with our Selva boat, areas where the boat has permitted or forbidden access, the navigation speeds, the distances from the flags of warning, the characteristics of the protected marine area or the immersion zone.

Click here to download our PDF document


Rubber boat - Mar Sea - 'Tequila'

The latest arrival in Tricoli Charter!

This boat can carry up to 8 passengers and can be used without a license.

The 'Tequila' measures 6.2 meters, is equipped with a hard top awning, shower and table.



1 day 300 €

(calculated on restitution)

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