Tricoli Charter organizes fishing trips in Liguria: slow jigging, vertical jigging, inchiku, tenya, kabura, bollentino, light drifting, offshore trolling, inshore trolling, spinning, popping, giant tuna drifting.



SELVA 5.50:
6 passengers

Charter has eight “SELVA” boats available for rental:
it is possible to rent a boat for the entire day.


Phone Number
+39 338 53 32 968



180,00 €, Monday through Friday
200,00 €, Saturday and Sunday
250 €: from 18th August to 24th August included

(charged separately at the end of the day)

Our eight “Selva” are equipped with rod holder, sonar, equipment-rinsing shower.

What to catch in the Ligurian Sea

The Ligurian Sea is rich in prey: depending on the season, the equipment, the technique used, and the ability of the fisherman, an enormous quantity of fish can be caught: Snapper, sea bream, amberjack, dolphinfish, bluefin tuna (resident tuna or schooling tuna, called skipjack), imperial garfish, swordfish, big eyes (called besughi, in Genoese), blade fish, chestnut fish (called rondanino), panders (or pagari), St. Pierre, bottom grouper, bottom redfish (or cappone), hake, skipjack.

Pesca sportiva nel Mar Ligure
Pesca sportiva nel Mar Ligure

Fishing Techniques in the Ligurian Sea

Slow Jigging

A part of Vertical Jigging: the movement imparted to our rod will be much slower (slow) and gentle than the mother technique, vertical jigging.


Bolentine is a sport fishing technique practised on a stationary boat, anchored or free to move with the currents, with a fishing rod or a hand line.

Coastal trolling

This is a technique practiced close to the coast to catch some species that regularly inhabit this strip of sea or that, in certain seasons, come close to the coast for breeding or foraging; it is also known as “Little Trolling,” because of the small size of the most common prey, it is certainly the first trolling experience for the novice fisherman.

Giant tuna drifting

The giant tuna drifting technique involves a great deal of experience; a boat with strong offshore features and first-rate fishing equipment are essential.

Vertical Jigging

This is a technique in which, if the seabed is bathymetrically acceptable, heavy lures equipped with a hook or even a single end anchor are brought down to the bottom and let rise towards us in the boat.

Light drifting

The term drifting refers to a technique of fishing with natural baits from a stationary boat; it involves the use of “light” equipment, used to catch fish (mostly pelagic) of a few ounces or pounds.


Spinning is the fishing technique that involves the repeated casting and retrieving of artificial lures in search of predators. Spinning is a very simple technique that does not require expensive and complicated equipment, nor much organization for fishing trips: a rod with its reel, line, a handful of artificial lures, and a belt to hold them will be just enough to get started.


It is a type of sport fishing aimed at catching predatory fish; in the case of popping, surface lures (known as poppers) are chosen.


A technique devised in the land of the samurai, inchiku is a proper fishing system, also called bottom ship: it is an ogive-shaped lead with a pointed front and a flat or rounded back. Utterly simple, almost disarming, it proves to be very effective.

Traina d'altura

This technique is also known as “Big game fishing” or “Big trolling”: originated in the great oceans, deep-sea trolling in the Ligurian Sea targets pelagic predators such as tuna, swordfish, imperial garfish, dolphinfish, and albacore.

Sport fishing accessories:
Tricoli Charter's longstanding partner

Vattelappesca is a shop and e-commerce dedicated to the sale of equipment for sport fishing and to the maintenance of this equipment.

Logo Vattelappesca

Vattelappesca in Rapallo, in the Gulf of Tigullio, has been an important point of reference for sport and competition fishing enthusiasts for more than twenty years.

On there are over 2500 products to satisfy every need. The staff of Vattelappesca is highly specialised: they offer their knowledge and experience to the lovers of sport fishing.

The rules for sport fishing:
size limits for fish, shellfish and molluscs in Italian waters

Tricoli Charter means: respect the environment and refer to the table of size limits (for fish, shellfish and crustaceans) in order to avoid being subject to administrative sanctions. Fishing in Italy is regulated by weights, sizes, and measures.

Boating without a licence
a few pointers for running the rental boat.

It is good to know the Selva, Cubalibre and Tequila boat, the rules and features of the area. Find out about landing and mooring points, tips for driving the vessel, permitted areas, prohibited areas, sailing speed, legal distance from navigation flags, and features of the marine protected or diving area. Click here to download the document in PDF format.