Loving the sea means respect and understanding: follow our tips to better appreciate your trip with Tricoli Charter.
We hope you will take our suggestions to heart and wish you a smooth sailing!

What to take on board:
useful equipment

When sailing, it’s worth thinking about how long you’ll be on board: don’t forget to bring sunglasses, sunscreen for your skin type and a sufficient supply of water.

There’s never enough space on board: try not to take unnecessary or uncomfortable clothes; bring a waterproof jacket and a light jumper.

Shoes with rubber soles are recommended.

Even if you don’t suffer from seasickness, it’s a good idea to have a pill or bracelet handy.

Respect and conservation:
rules of conduct

The sea is a shared resource to be enjoyed but respected: let’s treat it as our own.

Don’t throw anything overboard: many materials take many years to break down completely; instead, bring containers to temporarily hold the waste produced on board, which can then be disposed of in the appropriate containers on land.

Rispetto e conservazione: norme di comportamento

Safety at sea:
equipment on board

The sea is a fascinating and enjoyable environment, but there are certain safety rules that must be followed in order to deal with any unforeseen circumstances in the best possible way. First of all, check the weather and sea forecast, make sure everyone on board is able to swim, and decide on a route.

Depending on the distance from land, the equipment you need to take on board will vary. Here is a summary table of the equipment needed depending on the distance.

Within 300 metersWhitin 1 mileWithin 3 miles
Ring buoyYESYES
Red light flaresYES
Mandatory mooring lightsYES
Sound signalling devicesYES
Smoke buoy YES

The rules for sport fishing:
size limits for fish, shellfish and molluscs in Italian waters

Tricoli Charter means: respect the environment and refer to the table of size limits (for fish, shellfish and crustaceans) in order to avoid being subject to administrative sanctions. Fishing in Italy is regulated by weights, sizes, and measures.