Selva, Cubalibre and Tequila offer the significant advantage of being able to be used without a boat license. This entails a significant economic advantage and being able to freely admire the beauty of the Ligurian Coast from the sea. Here are some practical tips, suggestions and ideas to help you get the most out of your cruise.

Tricoli Charter, all’interno della propria flotta, offre 10 imbarcazioni dedicate per coloro che non hanno la patente nautica: Tequila, Cubalibre e 8 Selva.


At transit to the right of Molo Umberto (ferry landing pier): if free bow to quay and line to be secured at stern. We strongly recommend lunch at “Lo Strainer,” on the left side of the quay, after calling 0185 269189. The buoy is available for as long as it takes to enjoy excellent fish dishes.

Porto Pidocchio

Watercraft buoys. It will be the mooring operator Paolo (334/2549868 – 339/43836) who will show you the suitable buoys: rely on his experience. We highly recommend the restaurant “Lo Spadin”. Reservations can be made by calling 0185/770624; in addition to great food, you can enjoy a wonderful view of Paradise Gulf (Golfo Paradiso) and Genoa.

San Fruttuoso di Camogli

White buoys on the right. To disembark, it is a good idea to call the mooring operator Andrea (333 4352502). We recommend the restaurant “Giorgio” (tel. 0185/771781): excellent seafood specialities in a splendid setting that needs no introduction.

Sestri Levante

Transit port entrance or security dock, with prior authorisation from Locamare Sestri Levante (tel. 0185 41295). We highly recommend the restaurant “San Marco”: call 0185/41459 to reserve a table and enjoy excellent meat, fish and seafood dishes.

Boating without a license
a few pointers for running the rental boat.

It is good to know the Selva, Cubalibre and Tequila boat, the rules and features of the area. Find out about landing and mooring points, tips for driving the vessel, permitted areas, prohibited areas, sailing speed, legal distance from navigation flags, and features of the marine protected or diving area. Click here to download the document in PDF format.